With you forever - A lifetime warranty

At Vogue, when we say 'with you forever', we mean it. All pieces of jewellery, including our ever-popular bridal collection comes with a lifetime warranty. Our products are designed and handcrafted by an international award-winning team of professionals, using only the best quality raw materials. Every piece then undergoes stringent quality checks by a panel of seasoned industry professionals. All so that it can be handed down to the next generation who treasure it for years to come.

A World First -
ISO 9001 certification

Vogue is the first jewellery manufacturer in the world to get an ISO 9001:2015 certification, a milestone not just for the brand, but also a moment of pride for Sri Lanka. Prior to that Vogue was the first jeweller in Asia to be ISO 9001: 2008 certified, with seven consecutive re-certifications since. These certifications are testament to the high standards of quality of all Vogue's products and services. It also demonstrates the efficiency of our systems and processes within the organization when it comes to designing and manufacturing gold, platinum, silver, diamond and gem-studded jewellery.

Setting The Gold Standard -
Customer Care & Aftersales Service

A proud part of Vogue's heritage is its loyal customer base. Over the years, Vogue has served generation after generation, from mothers to daughters, thanks to the simple philosophy of putting the customer's need at the forefront. This has resulted in an unmatched customer care and aftersales service experience.

The overwhelming experience begins the moment you enter our showrooms, with a friendly smile from our professional customer service team. With conveniently placed tabs for you to scroll through, our team members will help you find that perfect piece of jewellery, based on design, metal or stone, or budget, saving valuable time. You also get to work out prices and discover special offers.

Vogue customers also get a range of payment options, including easy payment schemes with 0% interest when using credit cards. A lifetime warranty and quality certification adds to an overall customer experience quite unlike any other.