February 28, 2019

Vogue Jewellers gift options that last beyond celebrations

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When it comes to selecting a special gift for someone special, have you thought of a gift that will last forever? A gift that has the added advantage of appreciating in value over time? Or, are you opting for enjoying a romantic time with only memories to last or something as traditional and common as red roses and chocolates? It’s time you take a serious look at what you are planning to gift. Gifting something precious will make it last forever, appreciating its value each passing day – a precious gift ensuing romance beyond celebrations.

The genuine Ruby and Diamond studded fine jewellery collection at Vogue Jewellers – Sri Lanka’s leading jeweller offers you a wider range of choices in terms of design, item, price and payment options. They range from exuberant masterpieces, bold evening wear to daily wear minimalistic items.  You can find necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, drop earrings, ear studs, brooches and many more that bring out the beauty of the wearer. Vogue also offers a range of men’s items such as rings, tie pins and cufflinks. 

Ruby, another “Stone of Kings” holds a special place among the jewels. The striking red Ruby, synonymous with romance has been renowned as the perpetually symbolic colour of love and passion. From the historic times, Rubies have been much sought after due to their rarity. Vogue’s creations are truly unmatched. Designed and handcrafted to bring out the instinctive beauty and radiance of the exceptionally durable and striking natural Rubies, these luxurious masterpieces and the dainty daily wear items make the ideal gift for romance that last beyond celebrations.

Vogue designs include the classic cluster of Princess Diana’s engagement ring that created waves in the fashion world and contemporary designs and dainty minimalistic creations that are much more affordable. The iconic Ruby and Diamond jewellery designs at Vogue are intricately crafted to bring out the vivid red of natural rubies. Among them are 18 karat white gold and 22 karat yellow gold.  Classic clusters, ovals and floral designs, handcrafted embody exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty. 

The Ruby and Diamond collection at Vogue takes pride of place among its wide range. Ruby, highly regarded as one of the four most valuable natural gemstones have been much revered by the Royals and non-Royals of the East and the West alike. Ruby is associated with wealth, Royalty and protection. Possessing a Ruby is believed to invoke romantic success, joy, wisdom and good health to the wearer. 

Vogue Jewellers, committed to perpetually heighten its standards offers exceptional quality jewellery that make a lasting gift of real value. So, think twice before you opt for the ordinary and conventional chocolates or roses. Gift your special someone a gift of value, a gift that will appreciate its value day by day. 

Vogue uses only the finest quality natural raw material and follows highest international standards throughout its manufacturing process. Each item undergoes a rigorous series of tests to ensure their superior quality and comes to you with a lifetime guarantee. Such international standards Vogue maintains at every level have made Vogue ISO 9001:2015 certified, becoming the world’s first jewellery manufacturer to be recognized by the coveted accolade.

So, before you finalise the special gift for your special someone, visit the Vogue flagship showroom on Galle Road, Kollupitya or any of the showrooms in Nugegoda, Kandy City Centre, Negombo or Kurunegala for an everlasting jewellery to express your lasting love, taking romance beyond celebrations. You can also opt for the most suitable payment option Vogue offers with interest free installment plans through selected credit cards.