April 30, 2019

The latest Vogue Bridal Jewellery Collection now in showrooms

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Every bride’s dream is to look her best on her wedding day… to be admired, to be dressed in her dream bridal and be adorned in jewellery like no other. For nearly six decades, Vogue Jewellers has been introducing novel designs that have became iconic creations across the country. Bridal season after season, Vogue continues to make Sri Lankan brides so beautiful with its exquisite bridal jewellery and winning the trust and confidence of household across the nation. 

Latest designs, widest collection, international standards, finest quality, a lifetime guarantee, unmatched customer care service and the most trusted name for bridal jewellery  – what more does a young bride need when it comes to the all-important and the most sentimental possession of a Sri Lankan wedding? 

As with every season, Vogue is ahead in introducing the latest Bridal jewellery collection. Many designs of 22 karat gold necklaces – plain gold and Pure Brilliance SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia studded – white gold and Diamond, rose gold, Vogue Tusker Collection, Vogue Golden Truffle Chains, Eterni3, Pearl and Diamond collections together with matching bangles, bracelets, ear rings, engagement/propose rings, wedding bands for both the Bride and Groom and several other accessories are now in Vogue Jewellers showrooms. 

Both 22 karat plain gold and Pure Brilliance SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia studded jewellery bring you the added advantage of easily matching with a wider range of outfits. Being the leader in Bridal Jewellery, Vogue Jewellers understands Sri Lankans’ way of thinking, aspirations, likes and dislikes. That is why Vogue brings you the widest selection, not only in terms of the number of necklace designs – different collections for different tastes and budgets. Furthermore, they are creations that can be worn beyond weddings.

Plain gold and Pure Brilliance SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia studded jewellery come in designs to suit Kandyan style and Western style bridal dressing. You can select to suit your specific taste, dress style and even a motif or a pattern in your bridal. Or else, the international award winning designers and mastercraftsmen at Vogue can create bespoke jewellery to suit your specific choice or need. These necklaces, bangles and rings come in a variety of weights, so that choosing jewellery to suit your budget makes that much easier.

Even if you are a bride-to-be who is planning to be dressed in a gorgeous dress, you have bridal jewellery choices at Vogue like no other! Diamond studded white gold jewellery, Rose Gold and Diamond jewellery, Pearl jewellery with Diamonds or plain Pearl jewellery would be the ideal choice. The eminent customer service team at Vogue jewellers will advise and assist you to choose that dream ensembles like no other.

Besides the reputation Vogue holds for finest quality gold, all Diamonds above 30 pointers at Vogue are backed by a certification from GIA (Gemology Institute of America) – the most recognised international institute for Diamond Certification. Furthermore, Diamonds above 0.30 carat, which are available at Vogue bear a Laser Inscription Registry on the girdle. They all come with a sterling guarantee of excellent grade Cut, Polish and Symmetry.  

Vogue Tusker Collection – Sri Lanka’s first 22 karat branded jewellery collection is indeed a collection like no other. Chunky, solid gold jewellery that gives a prestigious look is a sound investment beyond weddings. Several unique designs inspired by the majestic Tusker are fine creations to last through a few generations.

Eterni3 is another unique collection introduced by Vogue with the lasting value in mind. This three-in-one necklace collection offers a greater flexibility of wearing each necklace in three different ways depending on the occasion beyond weddings. 

The bridal couple can choose a complete set of jewellery from necklace to a broad bangle or a set of bangles, or even a bracelet, rings, ear studs, dangling ear rings, Groom’s rings and accessories such as bracelets, cufflinks etc 

Vogue offers a wide range of payment choices including monthly installment scheme on 0% interest basis through leading banks. Visit the nearest Vogue Jewellers showroom and experience the latest designs handcrafted to international standards. Vogue – the world’s first jewellery company to be ISO 9001:2015 certified offers unmatched standards including a lifetime guarantee.