May 31, 2019

Times change, values remain – a timely message from Vogue Jewellers

One’s values reflect a large part of a person whether he is a top-ranking professional, a celebrity or an ordinary citizen. Similarly, an organisation’s values too reflect its conduct of business, its standards and the level of integrity it maintains. It is no secret that people have an innate sense of values and personal preferences that tend to get buried under evolving social demands and expectations or morals. Perhaps drifting away due to negligence and wondering what their values are, or because they are too busy, trying to survive. Becoming more conscious of your true values certainly pay back dividends because your current values are your best guide to live a better life. 

From the very inception in 1962, practicing right livelihood – samma ajeewa has been a virtue held high by Vogue Jewellers. Throughout its humble beginnings to-date, its 360 degree commitment reflects the profound standards, ethical conduct and the moral values Vogue maintains. Vogue Jewellers has seen times change. From an era where commercial operations were confined to the capitol’s business hub – Pettah, to becoming Sri Lanka’s leading jeweller, redefining the art of fine jewellery manufacturing. During its glittering journey Vogue set a few milestones that indeed heightened the standards and adding a sparkle to Sri Lanka in the global jewellery arena.

Vogue Jewellers focuses on ethical conduct and morality – qualities that are vital for an organization as well as in one’s personal life to live without regret and evil. Every morning, the day begins with the Management and staff gathering for religious observances of each one’s faith and then irrespective of their faith, they partake in metta meditation. The pirith ceremony, followed by an alms-giving and a dansela for the public during Vesak are annual features at Vogue. Additionally, as CSR projects, Vogue has restored number of  Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim religious places of worship.

As an organization firmly believing in spreading the word of Dhamma, Vogue has been sponsoring the renowned Nena Pahana Dhamma discussion over TNL television network for over 20 years. Originally started as a discussion with the late Gangodawila Soma Thero, this insightful programme is being aired to-date with no commercial gain. As one walks towards the Colpetty showroom from its car park, several bi-lingual messages highlighting ill effects of common sins are seen as a constant reminder to refrain from those evil acts.

Being virtuous to its core values, Vogue Jewellers practices right livelihood that continually improves quality of ethical and moral purity. Using only the purest raw materials, maintaining the world’s highest standards in jewellery manufacturing, offering high quality jewellery that will last several generations at a reasonable price, dedicating the highest level of customer service are exemplary of walking the talk. These standards are constantly maintained with the pursuit of offering only the best to Vogue customers. It is an unwavering commitment that has resulted in Vogue Jewellers being the first jewellery company to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

During these this holy month as we commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gauthama Buddha Vogue wishes to further spread the message of goodwill – times change, values remain.