June 1, 2019

Legendary bridal jeweller – Vogue Jewellers assures finest creations

A groom-to-be, a bride-to-be or the bride’s parents consider the all-important bridal jewellery to be the most precious items of the wedding they are planning so meticulously. It is not merely because the money spent on them, it is also because we Sri Lankans – irrespective of our ethnic or religious backgrounds – consider bridal jewellery to be so special. The bridal necklace and the rings are so sentimental to us all. They are cherished forever and dearly handed down to the next generation. These perennial traditions have made us turn only to the most trusted jeweller.

Any bride’s dream is to be adorned in the most elegant, latest designs that will make everyone envious. All in all, bridal jewellery is all about quality, trust, elegance and latest designs. And, if there is a jeweller that can deliver all these vital attributes we look for in bridal jewellery, it is none other than Vogue Jewellers.

Ever since its inception in 1962, Vogue pioneered introducing all-new bridal jewellery designs season after season. Each season’s trend setting designs have been original creations of Vogue. Vogue has taken the Sri Lankan art of jewellery making into a totally new level by embodying traditional design concepts and the international standards.

Sri Lanka’s leading bridal jeweller, Vogue Jewellers proudly showcases the island’s largest selection of bridal jewellery. The selection at Vogue is truly astonishing. The variety of metals, latest designs as well as traditional designs, the choice of stones and most of all, the value ranges in terms of weight and  wide selection of payment options!

Latest designs come in the most popular 22 karat bridal jewellery with pure brilliance SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia for a lasting brilliance, white gold and Diamond jewellery, genuine Pearl bridal jewellery and Rose Gold bridal jewellery. Furthermore, totally evolved creations inspired by traditional Padakkam, Karapati, Pethi mala, Agasthi mala and a whole lot more are available at Vogue for the ever popular Kandyan style bride. Both Kandyan and Western brides can choose from 22 karat necklaces with SWAROVSKY Cubic Zirconia,  versatile Eterni3 collection that can be worn in three different ways, majestic Tusker Collection for a prestigious look and Golden Truffle neckalce Collection. Brides can also select from the Vogue bridal Diamond collection, Pearl collection and Rose gold collection.

Additionally, engagement rings, wedding bands for both the bride and the groom and matching accessories are available in the metal of your choice. Bespoke jewellery can be designed and created just for you to suit a pattern or motif of the bridal attire and theme.

No matter which style or item you choose, all Vogue jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee. Vogue ensures that only the finest quality raw materials go into creating each item. An international award-winning team of designers and master craftsmen are behind these exquisite handcrafted items of Vogue. They are meant to make you look glamorous beyond your wedding day. Because Vogue Jewellers believes in giving only the very best, each piece of jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee. It is heartening to see numerous Vogue brides returning to us to choose elegant bridal jewellery for their daughters and grand daughters.

Furthermore, you are assured of an unparalleled customer service and the best standards a jewellery company can maintain – ISO 9001: 2015 – a certification Vogue Jewellers received as the world’s first jeweller to be so. Sri Lanka’s most sought-after destination for bridal jewellery – Vogue Jewellers is indeed a must visit place for this seasons’ brides-to-be.