March 31, 2019

Fashion and an investment – best of both from Vogue Jewellers

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Contrary to the emerging trend particularly among the young generation to spend in vain on costume jewellery, whereas gold jewellery in fact makes you a winner all the way. Sri Lanka’s leading jeweller, Vogue Jewellers with its eternal commitment to nurture traditional values, while heightening the standards of the industry takes the readers through many benefits of the fashion option of gold with the underlined purpose of investment. These valuable eye-opening criteria will hold good even a century down the line, proving how gold jewellery lives up to the famous old saying “One can have the cake, and eat it too.”

Some facts at a glance:

● Timeless jewellery in 22 karat gold: You can enjoy the benefit of being able to wear jewellery which will never be out of fashion even after 50 years 

● 18 karat white gold and Rose gold are trendy options: alternative trendy fashion options if you resist yellow gold

● Customized gold jewellery: Place your order to get gold jewellery based on the latest global fashion trends

● A valued asset in the family heirloom: Ensures added security and peace of mind 

● Pass on to the next generation with confidence: A valued piece of jewellery can always be passed on to the next generation with confidence

● Greater satisfaction of having invested in something of value: You will always be proud of your wise investment   

● Minimalistic fashion jewellery in metals: If your choice is minimalistic jewellery, you can choose from white gold, rose gold or yellow gold 

Advantages of having  Gold Jewellery

Appreciating value



Last for generations

Adds to the family heirloom 

Can be resold/exchanged

Can be repaired and reworked

A gift that will be cherished

Regarded as the most trusted for 22 karat gold jewellery, Vogue jewellers have eternally pursued the highest standards at all levels earning the confidence of generation after generation. The undisputed bridal jeweller of Sri Lanka firmly believes in the value of real gold bridal jewellery which are offered in a variety of metals and in the trendiest designs. The latest entrant – 18 karat Rose Gold; 18 karat White Gold popular among those opt for Western style; 22 karat Yellow Gold bridal jewellery for brides in traditional Kandyan or Indian style. 

Vogue Jewellers is renowned for its unmatched selection whether it is timeless creations; minimalistic jewellery; branded 22 karat jewellery such as Vogue Tusker Collection or Vogue Tusker Golden Truffle Collection, Eterny3 three-in-one necklace collection; 22 karat plain gold collection; Diamond encrusted jewellery; 18 karat Rose Gold collection; Pearl jewellery; Ceylon Stone studded jewellery and many more.

From its very inception, then Chairman, the late Mr. Sarath Hemachandra focused on fashion innovation. The Gold Lasso, introduced in 1960s was the world’s first such adornment. To-date, many evolved designs of the Lasso are being introduced by Vogue. Illuminated chandelier earrings that lit up at midnight, “Magic Ball” pendant, the brooch depicting Kadupul flower (which was gifted to the Queen Elizabeth II), pendant / brooch depicting a “Gara Yaka” that moves its eyes and the tongue and Nail Art Ring are a few among many such innovative creations.

Every piece of jewellery offered by Vogue Jewellers comes to you with a lifetime guarantee. These unparalleled standards Vogue maintains at all stages have earned Vogue the coveted status of being the world’s first jewellery company to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.