January 1, 2019

Beauty and joy forever with Vogue designer wear collection

Vogue Jewellers, going beyond its reputation of being the most reliable jeweller for bridal jewellery and 22 karat jewellery, is renowned for genuine coloured stone studded jewellery too. It is a reputation earned by offering truly natural gemstones crafted into outstanding jewellery with a lifetime guarantee. 

Swirling petals and dangling tassels accentuate vibrant jewels of these adornments that you would be proud to own. Tastefully designed and meticulously crafted Tourmaline Collection brings you a wide choice of earthy colours and designs. The faceted Ruby collection and  Blue Sapphire collection create sensational hues and novel designs. 

Speaking about the unique Vogue coloured stone collection, Mr. Anura Hemachandra, Managing Director, Vogue Jewellers said: “We are proud to showcase another of our very own collections and this time round it is a designer wear coloured stone collection. “

“Among these astonishing creations, you find some masterpieces. The marvelous Eagle certainly makes heads turn. Made of a striking Amethyst juxtaposed with gold wings that literary move is a true masterpiece. The Amethyst collection consists of a range that suits any occasion or budget. The items range from ultimate grandeur to minimalistic creations.” Mr Hemachandra added further.

Spectacular pendants, necklaces and a variety of matching accessories including bracelets earrings, rings and brooches make up this designer wear collection. The jewels including neutral and versatile Topaz, stunning Citroen, youthful Blue Topaz a truly steel your heart. Elaborating further, Mr. Hemachandra explained: “The Brown Tourmaline Collar necklace, a concept by renowned fashion designer, Michael Wijesuriya is another outstanding creation. We have numerous design concepts and items created with the discerning wearer in mind.”  

You are guaranteed of the highest quality standards from the jewellery manufacturer to have been the first to be ISO 9001:2015 certified in the world. Besides the lifetime guarantee Vogue gives you for each item, the gemstones are certified by International and Local Gem Testing Laboratory such as Gem Research SwissLab (GRS) and Gemological Institute of Colombo (GIC). 

Up to 45% off on coloured stone jewellery exclusively during the month of January 2019 is offered at the Vogue showrooms in Colpetty, Nugegoda, Kandy City Centre, Negombo and Kurunegala.